How Does A Hair Dryer Work? – Details You Should Know

Do you know how does a hair dryer work?

The first hair dryer was created at the end of the 19th century but was not seen in a house-hold before the 1920s.

While hair dryers have been around for years now, still millions of people in the world don’t know how they work. While there is a massive number of hair dryers sold every year, but we do not take out the time and stop to think about how these impressive devices work.

To help you understand we bring you a simple breakdown and explanation of how a hair dryer works. Basically, a hair dryer is an electromechanical device designed to dry and style your hair. Blowing out hot or cool air the dryer can focus on the water your hair is carrying. Boosting the natural drying process evaporates every last droplet from your hair.

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What are The Principle Of Hair Drying?

Generally, the evaporation process is controlled by relative humidity – the amount of water the air holds to the amount of water the air can hold. For instance, if the relative humidity is around 90%, then air can hold 90% of the maximum volume of water. However, when air is heated relative humidity decreases – so the lower the humidity the easier it becomes for water to evaporate. In return, hot air from the dryer can dry your hair at a faster rate.

How Does A Hair Dryer Work?

The two essentials hair dryers need to work are an electric fan and a heating element. The heating elements are crafted using nichrome wire – these are called a resistor. The resistor is designed to resist the flow of electric energy and transforms it into heat energy. This way when the air passes from the resistor it captures the heat.

Once the coals are heated the hair dryer pulls in air from the room and heats it and blows it out on the other end. Which in return boosts the drying process playing on basic hair drying principles. Moreover, the drying time depends on the type of hair and level of humidity as well.

Furthermore, the power connection you offer your hair dryer helps start up the fan installed inside the hair dryer – and draw in air through the air holes on the back of the hair dryer. The same cycle goes on a single loop until you turn your hair dryer off and put it on the side. Almost every hair dryer in the world follows the same working process. However, there are a few latest models that come with a slightly different working – yet they play on the same basic theory laid down all those years ago.

This entire process goes off smoothly and is processed in a matter of seconds. Bringing you hot air from the front of the dryer, so you can easily blow-dry or style your hair. A simple yet interesting setting that allows you to understand the working of a hair dryer. Something you might have used on a daily basis for years now, but never knew how it works!

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