How To Choose A Hair Dryer? – Must Read Before Buying

Are you worried about How To Choose A Hair Dryer? Here we go!

There was a time when the only thing you needed to know before choosing a hair dryer was its speed and plug. However, with the passage of time hair dryers have been refined and designed to meet various hair types. Making it easier for you to choose a hair dryer that is crafted keeping your hair texture in mind.

How To Choose A Hair Dryer?

To help ensure you choose the perfect hair dryer, we have listed down hair dryers based on hair types. So go ahead and find the one that works best for your hair texture.

1. Hair Type: Fine & Dry Hair – Overall Choice

Dryer Choice: Titanium

Using a titanium hair dryer can help you distribute heat in an even manner while keeping a constant temperature. This extremely hot dryer brings your hair the perfect touch it needs when drying or styling your hair. A great choice for damage-prone hair, so you can enjoy a lightweight and smart choice.

2. Hair Type: Curly Hair

Dryer Choice: Ionic – Tourmaline

Ionic and tourmaline hair dryers are considered to be the best choice when it comes to thick and hard-to-dry hair. Using these hair dryers you can easily ensure that every last drop of water has dried off, and does not linger around to cause fizziness. Moreover, these dryers are designed to help speed up the hair drying process, cutting down on the time you take to make yourself look presentable each morning.

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3. Hair Type: Frizzy or Thick Hair

Dryer Choice: Porcelain – Infrared – Ceramic

Using dryers that come with infrared, porcelain, or ceramic can help you tame your frizzy and thick hair. Finally, a hair dryer that understands and ensures even heat is distributed throughout – without a harsh touch. Keeping up with a gentle touch ensures your hair feels smooth and can look presentable for hours to come.

Other Aspects to Consider While Purchasing

Once you know your hair type and the kind of dryer you need, you can move onto the next step. As the market is filled with dryer choices you need to narrow them down further and find the one that matches all your needs. To help you out we have listed down a few things you should consider when choosing a hair dryer.

  1. Wattage – The wattage identifies the strength of your hair dryer’s motor. The higher the wattage the more powerful the wind will be. However, there are dryers that come with low wattage power as they focus more on heat rather than air power. If your hair is damage-prone we suggest you go for a dryer that packs less than 1800W.
  2. Material & Size – The materials used and the size of your hair dryer plays a huge role in the long run. You need a hair dryer that understands your day-to-day needs, offering you exactly what you need when traveling, living in a small space, or using it for professional purposes.
  3. Weight – The weight of your hair dryer has a huge impact on its usage, as you need something that you can easily handle with one hand. This is why you should factor in the weight of the dryer.
  4. Cool Shot – A range of hair dryers come with a cool shot feature that offers a stream of cool air. A single button press helps you seal the hair cuticle ensuring your hair looks shiny all day long.

These few pointers can help you choose a hair dryer that offers you the best results in the long run, rather than sticking to a hair dryer that leaves a horrible impact on your hair.

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