What is A Hair Dryer Diffuser And Why You Need It?

What is A Hair Dryer Diffuser? – A hair dryer diffuser is an attachment you can secure on your hair dryer’s head to help avoid fizziness and ensure your natural wave pattern is secure in place. A round plastic attachment that helps divide and spread the airstream over a larger area. Controlling the way your hair is dryers, and how it naturally forms.

Diffusers must be used on low heat and low speed, as you are looking to maintain or create natural-looking curls. This is why your hair needs time to adjust to the setting, rather than cause a frantic frizz that is hard to get away from.

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Do You Need Curly Hair To Use A Diffuser?

One of the best things about a diffuser is that anyone can use it! You heard us, you don’t need curly hair to use a diffuser, you can use the diffuser to help create natural-looking curls. So when you secure in the diffuser nozzle it starts to concentrate on dividing and delivering the air stream to a larger area of your hair, creating natural-looking wave patterns all around your head. For those who have naturally curly hair, your natural hair will get an enhanced appearance and create a more light and bouncy look.

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How To Achieve The Perfect Look Using A Hairdryer Diffuser?

  1. Hydrate & Detangle Hair – To ensure you get natural-looking curls, you must get started in the shower. Once you have washed your hair, it’s time to use a hydrating conditioner and ensure it’s really packed in. Let the conditioner sit in place for at least two minutes before you wash it away. At this point make sure your conditioner is all out, but there is no need to keep standing in the shower long after the conditioner is washed out. Excessive application of water can wash away the impact of your conditioner.
  2. Wrap Hair in a T-Shirt – When you are done showering we suggest you wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt, rather than running your hair with a towel. You can even use a microfiber towel, to ensure your hair is in good hands. The softer the cotton the better impact it will make on your hair! However, we suggest you squeeze out water from your hair before you wrap it up.
  3. Running Fingers – After 5 to 10 minutes we suggest you take the cotton towel off and run your fingers through your hair. Make sure your hands are cream-free and do not come into contact with your roots. Gently run fingers through your hair to clear out the knots. Once done apply a mouse to hydrate your hair.
  4. Plug-in Diffuser – It’s time to plug in your diffuser and get to work. We suggest you keep it a low heat and a slow speed working through your hair. Secure the diffuser in place and let it blow out your hair creating natural wave patterns. If you have straight hair you might need to perfect your trick over a few uses, landing you on the perfect hair waves.

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